“Yellow is a light which has been dampened by darkness;
Blue is a darkness weakened by light.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Zur Farbenlehre

Blog improvements

This meta post simply lists the recent changes which have been made to the general look and feel of the blog. Specifically, the blog has gone over a series of changes:

  • A new color scheme: The general color scheme of the blog has been migrated from the standard Twitter Bootstrap colors to the Solarized theme, created by Ethan Schoonover, which reduces brightness contrast while still retaining high readability.
  • No more gists: The Github Gists are gone in favour of Jekyll’s own highlight tag, as this significantly reduces the recompilation time when editing a blog post. Furthermore, this also aligns neatly with the new Solarized color theme.
  • More space: The space between lines has also been increased to further improve legibility.