The Who

Computer scientist with a soft spot for:

  • Programming languages,
  • software architecture,
  • distributed systems, and
  • mobile/web development.

I am currently working at OpenTeleHealth as a professional bit shifter where I help develop the OpenTele telemedicine system.

My interests include but are not limited to:

  • Watching a lot of old movies,
  • attending concerts and discovering new music,
  • grinding my own coffee beans, and
  • general geekery like learning Haskell, chess or writing an emulator.

Oh, and the name of the blog, dragonwasrobot, is from the ending credit of a poorly translated version of Wonderboy in Monsterland which I used to play on my old Amiga 500 as a kid.

The What

A blog about programming, math and their intersection.

The Why

As a tool for reflection and sharing.